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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 07:28 pm)

Without A Paddle by Greyias:
Gen, H/C.  Rodney has such a way with words.  Oh really?  Have fun with it.  I did ;)


Good day today.  Not a Great Day, but a Good day.  Work was that curious mix of boredom and being busy.  I'm tired enough to like the prospect of a Friday tomorrow and more than likely I won't work Saturday like I did last Saturday, but that is up in the air and dependent on how I actually feel Saturday morning.

I had my first taste ever of banana bread flavored oatmeal.  Don't laugh!  I remember trying oatmeal as a sparkling and not liking the gooeyness of it.  (I get picky about texture rather than flavor when it comes to food.)  I likes it!  o_O


Secretaries day flew by on Wednesday.  Took The Keep of My Calender to a new restaurant.  The flower arrangment I ordered was quite nice this year.  Tropical colors in golds, reds, and oranges.  It would fit right in within Atlantis' interior decor.  TPTB said okay to a luncheon tomorrow, so it's a given we'll be eating, eating, and eating some more.  There'll be cake.  I heartily approve ;)


Added note:  I'm using the bat mood icons and the lazy bat looks ... hinky .... to me.  *points down*  See??? He's *panting*.  ROTFL



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