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( Jun. 28th, 2009 08:36 pm)
Yes, everyone, I do have my net back and no, everyone, your boxies, inbox or otherwise, haven't played tricks on you.  I've been hibernating mostly.

I'm in this reading rush of Book-books and still playing with NewPhone! until the shiny wears off at least.

This phase too shall pass.

I'm expecting July/August to be a bit.... jittery-inducing.  Consider this a heads up, F-Peps.  I'll either be Clingy!Space or Hermit!Pixell or combination thereof.

Enough with the Gloom!

I have watched the new Star Trek.  OOooOooh!!!   Send me in the direction of Reboot Fic.  *points firmly*

Kitty has started to become PumkinPatch because she's working on growing a Pumpkin.  She's *huge*!   Plus all the neighborhood kitties have spawned.   A pair of kittens from the house across the street + Four kittens from the house next door = kitty fest on *our* lawn and *our* trees.  I wish I had my video camera yesterday.  Weeone's trying to climb and divebomb from our trees was worthy of YouTube.

And for the Grand Finale... guess what I just realized??

I'm on holiday at the end of the week. o_O!!!   Zero plans since it creeped up on me so fast.  It's technically Mandatory (Take-these-non-contract-days-now-already!), but I'm thinking I want to go deal with HR and keep them for later in the year.  *puts thinky cap on*  I'm not in HighNeed of a holiday right now. *flexes fingers and puts plans into motion*

So, Reboot fic anyone??



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