Yes, everyone, I do have my net back and no, everyone, your boxies, inbox or otherwise, haven't played tricks on you.  I've been hibernating mostly.

I'm in this reading rush of Book-books and still playing with NewPhone! until the shiny wears off at least.

This phase too shall pass.

I'm expecting July/August to be a bit.... jittery-inducing.  Consider this a heads up, F-Peps.  I'll either be Clingy!Space or Hermit!Pixell or combination thereof.

Enough with the Gloom!

I have watched the new Star Trek.  OOooOooh!!!   Send me in the direction of Reboot Fic.  *points firmly*

Kitty has started to become PumkinPatch because she's working on growing a Pumpkin.  She's *huge*!   Plus all the neighborhood kitties have spawned.   A pair of kittens from the house across the street + Four kittens from the house next door = kitty fest on *our* lawn and *our* trees.  I wish I had my video camera yesterday.  Weeone's trying to climb and divebomb from our trees was worthy of YouTube.

And for the Grand Finale... guess what I just realized??

I'm on holiday at the end of the week. o_O!!!   Zero plans since it creeped up on me so fast.  It's technically Mandatory (Take-these-non-contract-days-now-already!), but I'm thinking I want to go deal with HR and keep them for later in the year.  *puts thinky cap on*  I'm not in HighNeed of a holiday right now. *flexes fingers and puts plans into motion*

So, Reboot fic anyone??

From: [personal profile] gooligan


Hmm. That'd be a verb to conjugate . ..
I hermit, you hermit, he hermits, she hermits, they hermit, we hermit, they hermitted, we shall hermit

So what's the pluperfect of To Hermit? Or To Weedeat? Is To weedeat a regular or irregular verb?

Have fun down there in Texas with the weather!

From: [personal profile] gooligan

PIXELL! Are you still alive out there?

Did ya visit Nashville and get washed away? Did you get lost in New York while the lemmings known as traders looked for cliffs from which to jump? Did ya visit England and get overrun by man Englishmen voting willy nilly?

Where ARE ya Pixell!!??



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