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( Jun. 17th, 2009 07:06 pm)
*waves madly*  

I didn't disappear! Can you see me now?  Do you hear what I hear? HelllOooOOooOOOOOOOO!!!!

The story is:
My ISP went KaPuT!
My brain went ExpLoDy from lack of net communication!  Weeks People!! *Weeks* of deprivation!
I agreed to go on a week long conference..... just to get hotel internet.
In desperation, I splurged and bundled services until I found a combination I could work with.
The result:

I Haz iPhone!!!
I Haz Speedy Cable Internetz!!

*happy bounce of joy!*

I give Big Hugs to all my neglected net-paws.  My chat is open!

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( Apr. 28th, 2009 07:42 pm)

milk that is. 

I had myself a cuppa.  It's been ages since I've had cold, cold, cold chocolate milk.  *slurps*

There is absolutely no point to this paw-print post except I wanted to inform you oh f-list that:

I was writing an email using gmail.  It told me I spelled productive wrong.. maybe I *wanted* it to say producitive! huh!

I finished cleaning the desk of doom at work.  *claps*  I now have a POST IT DraWeR.  How cool is that??  *takes a pic* (If I ever find my cables I'll post said pic too.)

Of course now I made more of a mess removing all the detritious from the desk and the formerly pristine top is all cluttered.  Uhm.  oops?  0_o

Not my fault either!!!  I received my steve splenger shipment and became distracted.  (google them, great fun stuff!)

I have hand boilers, and growing jelly spheres, and geodes, and a circuit car-mobile called rover to build to build and magic sand.  Ohohoh!! And *snow*  16 gallons worth of snow.  Wheee!

So of course I've been playing for the last couple of hours.  All in the name of prepping for the training of minions. 

Ah huh, yeah.

*twiddles typey fingers and tries to find something else that'll entertain me*

Win:  It's Friday.  And that's about all folks.
1.  Rounding up tech bits of bobs of which i should have 255 count and the minions can only produce 65.  (They say 137, I say AAht!  Out-dated tech bits do not compute.)  Gah!  Deadline is Thursday people.  Were you going to wait until then to tell me notice?????!!!
2.  Boring Boring Can't Leave To Do What I Want, Need to Stay in Office to Do Nothing Day
3.  Net-breakdown mid-chat.  Guh!  *pissy-face*  I knew I should of skipped out and gone to big city.
4.  New Jack in the Box commercial.  FAIL!  especially the spanish version.  The jingle just makes my teeth crawl until they ache.
5.  My back.  Right under the left shoulder blade.  OoowWWWWWWWWwwwwwwWWW!

I want fic.  Fic where one of the characters is feeling like the fifth wheel.  Where he's all gloomy and angsting.  Fic that wrenches your heart.  AND HAS A HAPPY ENDING.

*sits huffily*  Waaaaaaaaaaaants!



I had serious thoughts today about going out of state to get my doctorate.  o_O  To the point of googling academic programs online.  O_o  WTF??  *scratches brain raw*  Except I love my job.  People here covet the job my ass is in.  I landed this job and young'uns climbing up the ladder wail in agony because I'm not retiring anytime soon puppies.  I leave to get my doctorate and kiss this job security good bye. 

I don't need my doctorate.  I WaNt.  Oh, how I want.

I scritch my perpetual itch to be in school by doing an intensive four week certificate program this summer.  I have until the end of next month to decide/enroll.  Again, I don't need it.  But a) I'm bored.  and b) I'm bored?


ooh!  Wheee win!  I'm watching Numb3rs.  New Eppy tonight.  Opening gambit for the Win  *settles in happily*

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( Apr. 21st, 2009 07:00 pm)
What's not to love??

I had a wonderful babbling IM chat with an old friend *smooshies*
I spoke on the phone for 30plus minutes to a friend/collegue who is stationed in Iraq. (those of you who *know* me, yes what a shocker! but I did it and was happy to do it)It's Tuesday. Tuesday = NCIS fun!

I have the evening freeeeeeeeeee to spend playing with dreamwidth (hugs account)and reading fic.

I expect massive amounts of spamage from an excited Pixell in the near future.


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