The Fugitive is one of those movies that I'll stop and re-watch if it happens to be showing on tv.

I viewed it last week and on a lark (re: out of boredom) I googled fic for it. The hunt was a bust.

A couple of days later, I bumped into the search tab again and absently refined the search parameters. Viola! Fic! Better yet, Fic I Enjoyed!


I present to you:
Summer's Endy by Timothy Stillman at FFnet:
Gen, based on tv series

Yuletide Treasure -- 3 fics (2 PG-13, 1 NC-17)
I've only read one of the fic listed at Yuletide but I thought it was a neat tag to the movie.

The Cure by Melodyclark -- slash
at Freedom of Speech FFic Archive:
at her website (there's a sequel posted here too):
PDF direct link:
I really, really, enjoyed the writing.  Solid, witty dialogue too.  I had fun here *vbg*



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