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( Jun. 28th, 2009 08:36 pm)
Yes, everyone, I do have my net back and no, everyone, your boxies, inbox or otherwise, haven't played tricks on you.  I've been hibernating mostly.

I'm in this reading rush of Book-books and still playing with NewPhone! until the shiny wears off at least.

This phase too shall pass.

I'm expecting July/August to be a bit.... jittery-inducing.  Consider this a heads up, F-Peps.  I'll either be Clingy!Space or Hermit!Pixell or combination thereof.

Enough with the Gloom!

I have watched the new Star Trek.  OOooOooh!!!   Send me in the direction of Reboot Fic.  *points firmly*

Kitty has started to become PumkinPatch because she's working on growing a Pumpkin.  She's *huge*!   Plus all the neighborhood kitties have spawned.   A pair of kittens from the house across the street + Four kittens from the house next door = kitty fest on *our* lawn and *our* trees.  I wish I had my video camera yesterday.  Weeone's trying to climb and divebomb from our trees was worthy of YouTube.

And for the Grand Finale... guess what I just realized??

I'm on holiday at the end of the week. o_O!!!   Zero plans since it creeped up on me so fast.  It's technically Mandatory (Take-these-non-contract-days-now-already!), but I'm thinking I want to go deal with HR and keep them for later in the year.  *puts thinky cap on*  I'm not in HighNeed of a holiday right now. *flexes fingers and puts plans into motion*

So, Reboot fic anyone??

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( Jun. 17th, 2009 07:06 pm)
*waves madly*  

I didn't disappear! Can you see me now?  Do you hear what I hear? HelllOooOOooOOOOOOOO!!!!

The story is:
My ISP went KaPuT!
My brain went ExpLoDy from lack of net communication!  Weeks People!! *Weeks* of deprivation!
I agreed to go on a week long conference..... just to get hotel internet.
In desperation, I splurged and bundled services until I found a combination I could work with.
The result:

I Haz iPhone!!!
I Haz Speedy Cable Internetz!!

*happy bounce of joy!*

I give Big Hugs to all my neglected net-paws.  My chat is open!

I'm catching up on my supernatural episodes.  Me, my dvr, and the whole season.

I keep thinking of Lorne everytime I see Castiel. 

Stubborn, Kick Ass, Cockly Little Shits, the both of them.

Lorne has his Colonel Sheppard to ride herd on.
Castiel has his Winchester.

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( May. 17th, 2009 10:42 am)

I tried to post my pictures here.  Didn't work.  *pouts*

I think I know what I did wrong and I don't think its a DW glitch, but I'm too lazy to try again right now.  Therefore I bump you to:

For pictures of:
The Post-It Drawer!
The Big Tree!
If you're even remotely familiar with The West Wing characters and enjoy shmoopyness dripping like a licked ice cream with a big helping of dysfunctional overprotective familial lines read:

The Air Stings Like Autumn by ELG
Fandom:  The West Wing


I'm off work tomorrow, Yay!  I have a few days left I need to use before they become unusable.  I want to go watch a movie but its too hot to leave the house earlier than I'd planned.  The other option is to get up early in the morning but that sort of defeats the purpose of a day off, doesn't it???


Is a post still a post if you don't post it? *hoots*  I keep noticing I don't post thing thing.  The day off has even come and gone.  Oiy!

*pawprints the post*
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( May. 7th, 2009 06:42 pm)
05 07 09

Hee!! How neato is that, you math people.   Need me an Epps Numbers fic now I do.


Today's Fic Pic = A Long Monster Fic for You to Indulge With
In a fandom I don't really dabble in, but it promised to have two of my favorite qualities
a) Long
b) Hurt/Comforty

I present to you:  ColdCase by ELG
ELG is an old fave writer of mine from when stargate fandom was young and fresh and filled with hurtcomfor, teamy goodness filled fic. 
Fandom:  Without A Trace (gen)

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( Apr. 28th, 2009 07:42 pm)

milk that is. 

I had myself a cuppa.  It's been ages since I've had cold, cold, cold chocolate milk.  *slurps*

There is absolutely no point to this paw-print post except I wanted to inform you oh f-list that:

I was writing an email using gmail.  It told me I spelled productive wrong.. maybe I *wanted* it to say producitive! huh!

I finished cleaning the desk of doom at work.  *claps*  I now have a POST IT DraWeR.  How cool is that??  *takes a pic* (If I ever find my cables I'll post said pic too.)

Of course now I made more of a mess removing all the detritious from the desk and the formerly pristine top is all cluttered.  Uhm.  oops?  0_o

Not my fault either!!!  I received my steve splenger shipment and became distracted.  (google them, great fun stuff!)

I have hand boilers, and growing jelly spheres, and geodes, and a circuit car-mobile called rover to build to build and magic sand.  Ohohoh!! And *snow*  16 gallons worth of snow.  Wheee!

So of course I've been playing for the last couple of hours.  All in the name of prepping for the training of minions. 

Ah huh, yeah.

*twiddles typey fingers and tries to find something else that'll entertain me*

*flaily hands*

I've been hooked, and I mean hooked on The Fugitive lately.  Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.  What's not to love?

I"m even considering... *drum roll please*  A Purchase of Movie *feels chills*

I've only seen this movie a gazzillion times *g*

What am I watching right now?? 
The Negotiator with Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey on AMC
Which strangely enough, I've only seen in pieces.  Never all at once I don't think.

Theme wise.  I am detecting a pattern.  Save me.  Corrupt me!

Goes to Hunt Fic *slobbers like a hound dog after the coon*
Fic is great for the glooms, innit?

I bring to you NCIS.  Because decent NCIS fic is so hard to find.

Agent AWOL by blackchaps:
Slash, Gibbs/Dinozzo, AU branch off Agent Afloat

ETA: hmmm, reposting from draft; I had posted before?? *scritches ear*  I'm too lazy to check so I'll post this and the post I actually logged on to write in a bits.

Win:  It's Friday.  And that's about all folks.
1.  Rounding up tech bits of bobs of which i should have 255 count and the minions can only produce 65.  (They say 137, I say AAht!  Out-dated tech bits do not compute.)  Gah!  Deadline is Thursday people.  Were you going to wait until then to tell me notice?????!!!
2.  Boring Boring Can't Leave To Do What I Want, Need to Stay in Office to Do Nothing Day
3.  Net-breakdown mid-chat.  Guh!  *pissy-face*  I knew I should of skipped out and gone to big city.
4.  New Jack in the Box commercial.  FAIL!  especially the spanish version.  The jingle just makes my teeth crawl until they ache.
5.  My back.  Right under the left shoulder blade.  OoowWWWWWWWWwwwwwwWWW!

I want fic.  Fic where one of the characters is feeling like the fifth wheel.  Where he's all gloomy and angsting.  Fic that wrenches your heart.  AND HAS A HAPPY ENDING.

*sits huffily*  Waaaaaaaaaaaants!



I had serious thoughts today about going out of state to get my doctorate.  o_O  To the point of googling academic programs online.  O_o  WTF??  *scratches brain raw*  Except I love my job.  People here covet the job my ass is in.  I landed this job and young'uns climbing up the ladder wail in agony because I'm not retiring anytime soon puppies.  I leave to get my doctorate and kiss this job security good bye. 

I don't need my doctorate.  I WaNt.  Oh, how I want.

I scritch my perpetual itch to be in school by doing an intensive four week certificate program this summer.  I have until the end of next month to decide/enroll.  Again, I don't need it.  But a) I'm bored.  and b) I'm bored?


ooh!  Wheee win!  I'm watching Numb3rs.  New Eppy tonight.  Opening gambit for the Win  *settles in happily*

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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 07:28 pm)

Without A Paddle by Greyias:
Gen, H/C.  Rodney has such a way with words.  Oh really?  Have fun with it.  I did ;)


Good day today.  Not a Great Day, but a Good day.  Work was that curious mix of boredom and being busy.  I'm tired enough to like the prospect of a Friday tomorrow and more than likely I won't work Saturday like I did last Saturday, but that is up in the air and dependent on how I actually feel Saturday morning.

I had my first taste ever of banana bread flavored oatmeal.  Don't laugh!  I remember trying oatmeal as a sparkling and not liking the gooeyness of it.  (I get picky about texture rather than flavor when it comes to food.)  I likes it!  o_O


Secretaries day flew by on Wednesday.  Took The Keep of My Calender to a new restaurant.  The flower arrangment I ordered was quite nice this year.  Tropical colors in golds, reds, and oranges.  It would fit right in within Atlantis' interior decor.  TPTB said okay to a luncheon tomorrow, so it's a given we'll be eating, eating, and eating some more.  There'll be cake.  I heartily approve ;)


Added note:  I'm using the bat mood icons and the lazy bat looks ... hinky .... to me.  *points down*  See??? He's *panting*.  ROTFL

The Fugitive is one of those movies that I'll stop and re-watch if it happens to be showing on tv.

I viewed it last week and on a lark (re: out of boredom) I googled fic for it. The hunt was a bust.

A couple of days later, I bumped into the search tab again and absently refined the search parameters. Viola! Fic! Better yet, Fic I Enjoyed!


I present to you:
Summer's Endy by Timothy Stillman at FFnet:
Gen, based on tv series

Yuletide Treasure -- 3 fics (2 PG-13, 1 NC-17)
I've only read one of the fic listed at Yuletide but I thought it was a neat tag to the movie.

The Cure by Melodyclark -- slash
at Freedom of Speech FFic Archive:
at her website (there's a sequel posted here too):
PDF direct link:
I really, really, enjoyed the writing.  Solid, witty dialogue too.  I had fun here *vbg*

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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:18 pm)
I wore my green t-shirt with the hopping tropical frog. Go Green!

I have a Fic I've Been Reading post to do later, but this post is basically a test of the cross-posting capabilities built into dw.

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( Apr. 21st, 2009 07:00 pm)
What's not to love??

I had a wonderful babbling IM chat with an old friend *smooshies*
I spoke on the phone for 30plus minutes to a friend/collegue who is stationed in Iraq. (those of you who *know* me, yes what a shocker! but I did it and was happy to do it)It's Tuesday. Tuesday = NCIS fun!

I have the evening freeeeeeeeeee to spend playing with dreamwidth (hugs account)and reading fic.

I expect massive amounts of spamage from an excited Pixell in the near future.
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( Apr. 20th, 2009 04:55 pm)
I won the lottery!!!

The dreamwidth lottery ;)

I'll be friending like a crazy thing for the foreseable future. If I snag you as a friend it may be for a variety of reasons but mostly:

a) I love your fic
b) I've seen you around fandoms I enjoy
c) I love your fic
d) I enjoy your daily nattering. It probably gives me Happy.
e) I love your fic

Any questions? *g*

*gracefully floats into the pool* Ahoy Mateys!